That's why we do not share or sell any information that you
supply to us.

Any information that you supply to
R.L.Hoffman &
will be for the purpose of providing contact
information only.

Information stored by
R.L.Hoffman & associates will
be stored only for the purpose of providing better service to
our valued customers, for maintaining subscription
information and for honoring contracted commitments
entered into between
R.L.Hoffman & associates and
our customers.

We do not store your information on any server that is
accessible to the internet or to the public in any way.

All subscriptions to Newsletters and /or other services that
require transmission through the internet are handled by
secure servers. Please examine the seperate privacy
policies for each of these.

While we take every reasonable precaution to ensure your
safety, we cannot be responsible for information sent via an
unprotected transmission medium.

If you have any questions or concerns that have not been
answered here, please contact us.

Thank you for visiting us today.


Robert L. Hoffman
R.L.Hoffman & associates
Your Privacy is as important to us as it is to you.
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