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Need more reasons? Then consider this:
That more sales training is needed among our front line service personnel is
not the question. How to get our front line staff interested in sales is the real
issue. Sales and sales training have taken on a negative connotation among
many. Service likewise has been cast in a negative light. The truth is: selling is
what we all do, so why not be good at it? And as for service, name a
profession that is not in reality a service. What we really find is a diminishing
desire to render service. We all sell service of some type, but many wish to
collect the money without providing the service. Many have forgotten or have
never learned how to provide that real
customer-is-always-right/put-the-other-person-first kind of service that we read
about in the books.
How do you put sales and service together?
How do you get your team interested?
How do the sales and service skills of your front line staff affect:
Your bottom line?
Your ADR?
Your RevPAR?
What is your ROI (Return on Investment) for sales training?
How do you measure that?
How do you measure success?
What is the secret formula for sales and service success?
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Still uncertain?
Perhaps you are thinking, "Why should I call the Doctor?"
Selling in the Hospitality setting is a specialized art. The field is increasingly
competitive. The means by which the sale is transacted are ever changing
as new technology changes the way we do all our business. When a
company invests in its property, the
front line staff are usually not on the top
of the priority list. Capital improvements usually take top priority. Yet capital
improvements are of little long term value if the buying public is unaware of
them. So advertising and marketing take another of the top spots. Then labor
cost is given attention, but the attention is usually negative as in: "How can
we keep our labor costs down?" The training that is invested in the front desk
and reservations staff at a hotel or restaurant is typically perfunctory and
brief. To stand out in today's competitive hospitality market one must take
decisive steps to invest in one's greatest asset: the front line staff. The front
desk at the hotel represents the "cash register" of your business. Yet do you
invest as much in developing these ones as you do in capital improvements?
It is a question worth asking. How you answer will determine how you fare in
the long term. Why not join the leaders?
Dr. AnswerMan's Original Recipe Secret Formula is a no-nonsense,
straight-to-the-point program designed to improve the performance of the
real "bread winners" in your company: the wait staff, the reservationists, the
room attendants, the front desk. Invest in yourself. Invest in your people.
Share it with your entire company from top to bottom and experience
immediate, measurable results. You will soon appreciate the simplicity and
effectiveness of the
Six Simple Steps, the Q.P.C. Formula and the Service
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